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Bibliography of Nordic Criminology

Type: Bibliographical database

Contents: Bibliographical data on criminological research literature.

Subject Coverage: Alcohol and Drug Science, Crime Policy, Crime Prevention, Criminology, Criminal Law, Criminal Justice System, Criminal Procedure, Forensic Medicine, Forensic Psychiatry, Police, Prison, Probation System, Sociology of Law, Statistics, Victimology, Womens' Studies.

Geographical Coverage:

  1. Relevant literature published in the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
  2. Relevant literature by authors from the Nordic countries published in other countries.

Time Span: 1.1.1999 - to date (note: The database has been updated as well as possible).

Data material: Scientific literature, scholarly literature (books, articles, chapters in books, reports, etc.) grey material (local investigations, unpublished reports, Ph.D. thesis, students reports from the Universities and Police Schools, etc.), special literature (police literature, research literature on courts of justice, etc.), reports published by public authorities, monographs, periodical articles, and other articles of relevance are included. Law texts and travaux préparatoires are omitted except from relevant reports or opinions which are included as a rule. Newspaper articles, articles in magazines, leading articles, school books, and handbooks or encyclopedias are omitted as a rule. Audiovisual materials are not included as a rule, but are not omitted.

Updating: Regularly

Search language: English

Keywords: All titles are written in the original language and are translated to English. All references are indexed with keywords in English from the National Institute of Justice Thesaurus.

On-line Availability: http://bibliography.nsfk.org

Latest revision: February 2006


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Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, National Council for Crime Prevention in Finland, National Research Institute of Legal Policy, University of Helsinki, Finland The Crime Prevention Council in Denmark

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Per Ole Johansen (Chairman)
Ingvild Nordang (Executive secretary)
Criminal Justice in Denmark: A Bibliography on scholarly

publications 1945-1999

Type: Bibliographical database

Contents: Bibliography data on scholary publications regarding criminal justice in Denmark 1945-2000. (Danish: Kriminalistiske publikationer 1945-1999. Bibliografi over de juridiske og samfundvidenskabelige forkningsinstitutioners udgivelser vedrørende kriminologi, strafferet og strafeproces 1945-1999.)

Subject Coverage: Alcohol and Drugs, Corrections, Courts, Crime, Criminal Justice Decision Making, Crime Prevention, Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal Procedure, Human Rights, Law Enforcement, Victimology.
Data Material: Publications issued by scholars at research institutes dealing with legal and/or social science subjects within the field of criminal justice in a wide sense (books, articles, cointributions to books, reports, newspaper and magazine articles, conferenspapers and other accessible "grey" litterature). Materials published before affiliation with research institute are included too.

Search Language: English

Keywords: All titles are in the original language.

Online Availability: http://bibliography.nsfk.org

Editors: Jørn Vestergaard & Flemming Balvig. Ansvarshavende: Jørn Vestergaard

Producer: Institute of legal Science, D* University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Danish: det Retsvidenskablige Institut D* Københavns universitet)

Financial support:
Ministry of Justice, Denmark (Danish: Justitsministeriet, Danmark)

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