01 September 2010

About the project:

Public attitudes to Punishment was started as a Danish Study in 2006 and later it was followed up by similar studies in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. In 2014 Greenland was included as well. The study has been financed partly by NSfK and partly by the Danish Ministry of Justice and the authorities in Greenland. 

In the original Danish study and the Nordic studies the attitudes were analyzed by using three different methods on representative samples of the population. In the first study, the general or spontaneous sense of justice was measured by short questions in telephone interviews. The informed sense of justice was examined by presenting vignettes of six cases of serious crimes in a postal survey. The concrete sense of justice studies was studied through focus groups proposing sanctions after having seen a mock trial of a crime case and having discussed the case in the group. The results from the different studies to attitudes towards crimes and punishments were finally compared to the actual punishment according to assessments from panels of judges who also completed the questionnaire.

Below you will find a number of documents related to the research project. The first document contains a short presentation of the project and ends up with a total overview of research publications stemming from the research. The following documents are thorough descriptions of design and methods of the study. Finnaly you will find the questionnaires in each language and in English.

Further below you will find examples from the media coverage of the project and links to other articles.

The raw data from the postal survey will be stored at Dansk Data Arkiv and researchers can apply at NSfK for access. Every application will be considered by NSfK and the researchers involved.


Denmark: Flemming BalvigUniversity of Copenhagen
Finland: Aarne KinnunenMinistry of Justice in Finland
Greenland: Flemming Balvig, University of Copenhagen
Iceland: Helgi GunnlaugssonUniversity of Iceland
Norway: Leif Petter OlaussenUniversity of Oslo
Sweden: Kristina JerreUniversity of Stockholm, Henrik Tham, University of Stockholm

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