26 August 2010

Joar Tranøy

The project consists of an analysis of 37 expert opinions in child protection cases which all concluded with a recommendation to take the children into care, a conclusion which was also the verdict of the courts.
The aim of my analysis is to provide an overview of the types of information taken into account in the decisions of the courts and the relative importance of different types of information. Special consideration will be given to the status of witnesses. The study will pay special attention to the question of how the testimony of laymen (family, friends and colleagues) was evaluated compared to that of professionals (professional groups within and attached to the child protection services).  An analysis of the premises on which the expert opinions were based, and of the methods of critical assessment of sources, will be undertaken reparatory to the analysis of witness status. 

Status:   Finished
Name:  Joar Tranøy
Country: Norway
Contact: joartranoy@hotmail.com

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