26 August 2010

Joakim Sturup, Per Lindquist & Marianne Kristiansson

The research question of this project has been: Do psychiatric patients discharged into neighbourhoods with high social disorganization commit more violent acts, and are they more often victimized, than those discharged into more organized neighbourhoods?
Violence was defined as any battery, kicking, use of a weapon or threat with a weapon in hand towards others. Victimization was defined by a positive answer to any or both of the following using the two questions: I) During the last twelve months, have you personally been the victim of a violent act or acts that have lead to injuries requiring you to visit a doctor, dentist or nurse? II) During the last twelve months, have you personally been the victim of a violent act or acts that have lead to visible marks?
The sample comprises of 195 general psychiatric patients recruited in conjunction to an acute consultation or admission at a psychiatric clinic in Stockholm. The patients were asked the questions above and were they had been living during the last year. A logistic regression was computed, using the groups above as categorical variable. In the analysis six independent variables were taken in account; gender, age (18-34 or 35-60), income (under/over mean), level of education (finished compulsory education/or not), social network (any friend, yes or no) and born in Sweden or not.
The rate of violence towards others was 19%. Twenty-three percent of the sample had been subject to violent victimization by others. The odds ratio for individuals from neighbourhoods with extremely high disorganization, compared to neighbourhoods with extremely low disorganization, to commit violence were 9.6 for violence and 6.9 for being victimized. However the figures were not significant.
General psychiatric patients living in neighbourhoods with high disorganization more often commit violence toward others, and is more often victimized. The results were not statistically significant and no assumptions regarding the causal connection between social disorganization, violence and victimization can be made.

Status:    Finished
Country:  Sweden
Contact: joakim.sturup@ki.se

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