26 August 2010


Hildigunnur Ólafsdóttir
The objective of this study is to analyse the effects of alcohol and the effects of the environment on violent acts in and around public venues. Icelandic Supreme Court records will be used as data in this study. From 1990 to 2000 there were altogether 18 sentences passed in cases involving violence in or around public venues. The study will involve a content analysis of descriptions of 22 incidents of aggression, involving twenty male and two female offenders and nineteen male and three female victims. The following topics will be analysed, circumstances of the incidents of aggression, their place and time, the role and the effects of alcohol, the intentions and the motives, the relations and the relationships between those involved, their gender, age, and criminal records, and the intervention of door staff and police.?Violence in public venues? is a sub-study of a larger on-going project: licensed restaurants, alcohol cultures, and alcohol policy. This project started in 2002 and will end in 2005.

Status:    Finished
Country:  Iceland
Contact: hildigunnur@akademia.is

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