26 August 2010

The aim is to take a comprehensive look at the current state of criminal justice policy and research in Scandinavia, and to publish a volume of refereed, high-quality, authoritative review essays of the state-of-the-art of knowledge on selected topics.  A similar, successful effort was recently made to prepare such a volume for the Netherlands (Crime and Justice in the Netherlands[2007]).  The project is funded jointly by the Nordic Council, the Scandinavian Research Council in Criminology, the Swedish National Crime Prevention Council, and the Finnish National Research Institute of Legal Policy.  The volume will be published by the University of Chicago Press as part of the series Crime and Justice- A Review of Research.

The project has two aims.  The first is to provide a snapshot of research and policy in the five countries, as credible and authoritative as can be.  The second, along with the completed Dutch and contemplated German volumes, is to test the waters about the viability of a new series, Crime and Justice in Europe, patterned loosely on the existing Crime and Justice (now 30 years old with 36 volumes in print).  The new series, however, would be primarily European in focus and publish essays on research in Europe generally rather than in particular countries or regions as in the Dutch, Scandinavian, and German volumes.

Status:   Finished
Name:  Tonry, Michael
Country:  Other
Contact: tonry001@umn.edu

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