26 August 2010

Carlsson, Karl-Magnus


The purpose of this project is to study the life-courses of people that have received a legal sanction in their youth. This will be studied for a group consisting of two different populations, who in their youth were being placed in youth custody due to criminal behavior. They are now adults (34-40 and 60-67 years old, respectively). Interviews and register data from the time when they were in youth custody has already been collected, and will now be followed beginning in 2010. This will be done through interviews. The main question of the study relates in diverse ways to criminality and other social problems. Therefore the project seeks answers to questions regarding which individual and social (structural?) factors that are related to the onset, desistance and/or the maintenance of a criminal career. Comparisons will also be made between the two different groups due to the fact that they are people of two different generations, and partly have been raised in two different societies.

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