11 November 2011


Guri Larsen (head of the project) 
Rune Ellefsen (project coordinator) 

Aims of the project:

The aim of the project was to encourage green criminological research, to publish an anthology focusing on central issues within the field, establish a Nordic network for scholars working with issues connected to the field and to organize an international conference on the central themes of green and eco-global criminology.

Key topics: 

Ecological crime, environmental harm and crimes against nature  
Speciesism, animal abuse and species extinction 
Regulation and prevention of harms against humanity, nature and the environment  


The project's purpose has been to stimulate the development of the field of eco-global criminology in the Nordic countries. The project consisted of a number of subprojects, with the results most evident in the book ”Eco-global Crimes: Contemporary and Future Challenges”, published in November 2012 (ISBN 978-1-4094-3493-1). The book is the first to be released in the new ”Green Criminology Book Series” by Ashgate Publishers . One chapter of this anthology; ”Green Movements as Threats to Order and Economy?” is the result of a qualitative study funded by The Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology (SRCC). Moreover, the project has established a network of professionals and academics related to eco-global criminology, through the creation of online forums. In addition the project has organized seminars focusing on the same fields and topics herein. The funds from SRCC has also made it possible to carry out a two-day work group meeting at Oslo University, with participants from several Nordic countries where the above-mentioned book project was revised and further developed.

Status:   Finished
Name:  Rune Ellefsen
Country: Norway
Contact: rune.ellefsen@jus.uio.no

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