21 February 2011


Helle Dahl
Vibeke Asmussen Frank
Pekka Hakkarainen
Jussi Perälä


The project "Domestic cannabis in Finland and Denmark" presents its results in three articles.
In their article "Medical marijuana – exploring the concept in relation to small-scale cannabis growers in Denmark"  examine the therapeutic qualities of cannabis as perceived and reported by growers themselves.
In their article "With a little help from my friends – justifications of small-scale cannabis growers" Pekka Hakkarainen and Jussi Perälä move the attention towards the more general conflict between growers and the law and how their respondents negotiate those disputes. 
Both of these articles are included in the book "World Wide Weed – Global Trends in Cannabis Cultivation and its Conflict" edited by Tom Decorte, Gary Potter and Martin Bouchard. The book will be published by Ashgate in 2011. 
The third article of the project written by Pekka Hakkarainen, Vibeke Asmussen Frank, Jussi Perälä and Helle Dahl, "Small-scale cannabis growers in Denmark and Finland" compares and describes national chracteristcs in small-scale cannabis growing based on a Web survey data. It will be published in European Addiction Research in 2011. 

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