12 December 2011


About the project:

On its annual board meeting in March of 2009 in Reykjavik, the Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology decided to organize a workshop on topics related to crisis and society. What prompted this move by the council was the then recent banking collapse in Iceland, followed by a social turmoil and world-wide media attention. 
The title of the workshop When the Unforeseen is Seen captures the theme of the workshop. Did these turbulent events come as a surprise or could they somehow be foreseen? The content should not only address current events, but also take a look at historic events and social turning points during earlier time periods. Moreover, the scope should be broad, not only including Nordic nations, but also other European nations, if possible. Crime and justice related topics were understandably supposed to be central, but if participants wanted to explore other aspects related to crisis and society, they were free to do so.
The first workshop was held at the University of Iceland in December 3-5, 2009, and the second one in Reykjavík in January 3-5, 2011. In the spring of 2012, the council plans to publish a book complete with presentations from all of the participants given at the workshops. Already some of the presentations can be accessed electronically at the bottom of this page.

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