17 February 2011

The core of the empirical part (Part II) of this research publication is based on the International Self-Report Delinquency Study 2 project. The project constitutes the second sweep of an international self-report delinquency survey. The Nordic ISRD-2 data collection was financed, and co-ordinated in the Nordic context, by the Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology. The Nordic data collectors and their institutional affiliations are presented on a separate page. The Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology commissioned Janne Kivivuori to write this report, submitting the Nordic capital city sample to him for the purpose of writing the country report of the Nordic area. Dr. Kivivuori acts currently as the Research Director of the criminological unit of the Finnish National Research Institute of Legal Policy.

The Part II of this report describes the prevalence and intensity of delinquent behaviour in Nordic capitals. Concentrating on the capital cities, the report excludes the medium-sized city and small town samples collected in Sweden and Denmark. Clearly, more in-depth work remains to be done at both national and international levels. The report builds on the work of researchers who collected the national data. Of course, the most crucial contribution was made by the several thousand Nordic youths who participated in the study. The author of this report has used the occasion to highlight the long tradition of Nordic self-report delinquency research, spanning a time period of nearly half a century. As it happens, when the Scandinavian Research Council of Criminology was established in 1962, its very first research initiative was a Nordic comparative self-report delinquency study. By commissioning this report, the Council is thus both reflecting on its own past and strengthening the future of Nordic self-report delinquency studies.

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