27 October 2016

Please find attached the power point presentations from the NSfK working group meeting "The exploitation of migrant workers and its control in the Nordic countries and beyond" (Helsinki 4-5 October 2016). The Council Member responsible for the meeting and program was Ms. Natalia Ollus from Finland.

The working group focused on how the issue of exploitation of migrant workers, trafficking in human beings for the purpose of forced labour and crimes of employers have been addressed and understood primarily in the Nordic countries, but also in other European settings. The presentations included papers addressing the difficulties of enforcement and legislation in Finland; the Norwegian challenges of seeing trafficking as crimes of the labour market and also as something targeting (asylum-seeking) minors; the lack of focus on labour exploitation in Iceland; and the “invisibility” of labour exploitation targeted at Romanian Roma in Denmark. In addition, presentations introduced labour market intermediaries as contributors to trafficking in the UK; labour exploitation in the agri-food sector in Italy; the invisibility of male victims of trafficking; and the intricate relationships and exploitation among Uzbek migrants in Moscow


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