17 February 2017

Attention interested researchers!

You still have the possibility of submitting an application for this year’s NSfK conference. As outlined below, this year’s theme (Migration & Criminology) and program is both highly relevant and it includes some of the world’s very foremost criminological researchers from both in- and outside of the Nordic countries. Please consider applying as well as making your colleagues, doctoral students etc. aware of the conference. Remember, the conference is free of charge, also including accommodation and travel expenses, if your application is accepted!

2017 NSfK Conference Theme: Migration & Criminology

Plenary 1:
Opening plenary on migration and criminology
Presenters: John Hagan (US) & Katja Franko (NO)

Plenary 2:
Policing migration
Presenters: Vanessa Barker (US/SWE), Leandro Mulinari (SE) & David Sausdal (DK/SWE)

Plenary 3:
Researching migrants and crime in the Nordic countries– research questions, facts and ethical issues
Presenters: Jerzy Sarnecki (SWE) & Britta Kyvsgaard, (DK), 3rd presenter TBA

The application form and further information about this year’s conference is available here: http://www.nsfk.org/Page/ID/569/NSfK-Research-Seminar-2017--DL-for-applications-192. The application deadline is the 19th of February 2017, at 23:00. Applications must include contact information, the title and, if you want to not only partake but also present at the conference, an abstract of the paper (in the language of the presentation – English, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish). Please send your application to the NSfK Secretariat, laura.mynttinen[at]om.fi. The NSfK Secretariat will be in contact with all the applicants after the deadline.

See you at the conference!

David Sausdal, Sweden’s NSfK secretary
& Steering Committee of the seminar

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