01 June 2017

Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology (NSfK) has granted in total 369 275 euros to Nordic researchers, joint Nordic research projects and working groups in its ordinary meeting (March 2017, Stockholm). NSfK provides annually grants to projects of Nordic criminological relevance. Under the call for 2017 NSfK received in total 28 applications, out of which 16 were eventually granted funding. The call for research grants 2018 will be opened during autumn 2017.

The projects which received funding in 2017 were the following:

Jakob Demant (DK) et al. were granted 150 000 EUR to the project ”Drug dealing on social media within the Nordic countries: The intermixing of local and technology mediated drug dealing practices”.

Anette Bringedal Houge (NO) was granted 30 000 EUR to the project” Opting out: Why young adults leave Islamist radicalization processes and the legitimacy of bystander interventions”.

Dorina Damsa (NO) was granted 30 000 EUR to the project ”Penal consciousness: the case of foreign nationals in Norwegian and Danish prisons”.

Hanna Malik (FI) was granted 30 000 EUR to the project ”The Formation of Labour Exploitation - Experiences of Polish Workers in Finland, Norway, and Sweden”.

Jon Gunnar Bernburg (IS) was granted 29 926 EUR to the project ”Community income inequality, social capital and adolescent delinquency: a comparative longitudinal study”.

Isabel Schoultz (SE) et al. were granted 12 000 EUR to the project ” What’s law got to do with it? Labour exploitation in the Nordic context” (working group).

Per Jørgen Ystehede (NO) et al. were granted 10 065 EUR to the project ”Penal welfarism – myths and realities?” (working group).

Elisiv Bakketeig (NO) et al. were granted 10 000 EUR to the project ”The Nordic Barnahus model(s): New research agendas” (working group).

Sara Hellqvist (SE) et al. were granted 10 000 EUR to the project ”Working Group Meeting Proposal: A Nordic Network Meeting for PhD Candidates in Criminology” (working group).

Ann-Karina Henriksen (DK) et al. were granted 10 000 EUR to the project ”Confinement of youths in the Nordic countries” (working group).

Agneta Mallén (SE) et al. were granted 10 000 EUR to the project ”Cybercrime victimization in the Nordic Countries” (working group).

May-Len Skilbrei (NO) et al. were granted 8620 EUR to the project ”Rethinkning Rape in the Nordic Countries” (book publishing support).

Lars Højsgaard Andersen (DK) et al. were granted 8095 EUR to the project ”Register Data and its Potential for Criminological Knowledge - A Nordic Research Network” (working group).

Timo Harrikari (FI) et al. were granted 8000 EUR to the project ”Criminal justice social work – a transformative laboratory of human governance?”

Annemette Nyborg Lauritsen (GL) et al. were granted 7060 EUR to the project ”Criminality, incarceration and control in Nordic island societies: The Faroe Islands, The Åland Islands, Iceland and Greenland” (working group).

Martti Lehti (FI) et al. were granted 5509 EUR to the project ”Working Group Meeting on Nordic Homicide Data Cooperation” (working group).

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