29 November 2017

The Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention (JSSCCP) seeks a new Editor-in-Chief for a three-year term 1.5.2018-1.5.2021.

The JSSCCP is an international, peer reviewed journal publishing original research in the fields of criminology and crime prevention. The Journal publishes work by Nordic scholars, work based on Nordic data, and studies otherwise manifesting Nordic relevance. All articles published in the JSSCCP, both full articles and short reports, undergo double blind peer review process. The JSSCCP has two annual volumes and accepts contributions written in English. Previously published volumes can be found here: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/scri20/current  

The Editor´s workload is timewise comparable to 20% of a fulltime position, with the main working tasks being:

- To maintain high scientific standard of the Journal promoting Nordic research in the fields of criminology and crime prevention.

- To effectively organize the peer review process and to thus participate in the scientific evaluation of submitted manuscripts.

- To actively promote the journal and to engage oneself in developing the journal, its international standing and visibility.

- To cooperate with the authors, referees, the Advisory Board, the publisher Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, Secretariat and the Council of NSfK (Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology) and other partners that support the journal financially.

- To report to the NSfK Council of one’s work at least once a year.

The working tasks listed above require a strong competence as a researcher, experience as author and reviewer of peer reviewed articles published in international journals, and a broad understanding of research in criminology and crime prevention, in particular in the Nordic context. Previous experience as an editor of journals or/and anthologies is considered to be an advantage. The annual compensation for the Editor is 13 440 €. For the contractual period 1.5.2018-1.5.2021, the Editor may request from the Council separate funds to hire part-time assistance for help with practical matters related to running the journal.

Interested parties should send their application, CV, and a one-page vision statement of how to develop the Journal by e-mail to NSfK Secretariat, laura.mynttinen[at]om.fi by January 7th 2018. If you have any questions on the position as Editor, please contact the chair of the NSfK Council Mr. Aarne Kinnunen via e-mail: aarne.kinnunen[at]om.fi or tel. +358 50 591 1895, or the vice-chair Mr. Felipe Estrada via e-mail: felipe.estrada[at]criminology.su.se.

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