Entries for November 2011

30 November 2011
Application reminder: The Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology (NSfK) announces research grants to projects of criminological relev...

28 November 2011
NSfK Seminar and Work Group on Nordic Corruption met in Reykjavik 16-19 November 2011. All Nordic countries were represented at the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to present, discuss and analyze a number of Nordic cases of local and regional corruption in public authorities.

24 November 2011
NSfKs 53rd Research Seminar Report

24 November 2011

NSfKs 53rd Research Seminar held inBalingsholm, Sweden, in May 2011.

Themes of the Seminar: Criminal politics and right-wing populism and Prostitution.

23 November 2011
  Välkommen till Nordisk Kriminologi  37 (9) 2011 (november) Download Nordisk Kriminologi in.pdf  (for p...

11 November 2011

The aim of the project was to encourage green criminological research, to publish an anthology focusing on central issues within the field, establish a Nordic network for scholars working with issues connected to the field and to organize an international conference on the central themes of green and eco-global criminology.