Research seminar reports


21 November 2017
Report from seminar which has held at Örenäs Slott, Sweden, in 2017

17 October 2016
Research Seminar which has held at hotel Bifröst, Borgarnes, Iceland 2016

07 December 2015
NSfKs 57. forskerseminar, Stavern Norge 2015

21 August 2014
NSfKs 56. forskerseminar, Skarrildhus, Danmark 2014.

24 January 2014
NSfKs 55. forskerseminar, Svartå Slott, Finland 2013.

14 February 2013
NSfK's 54th Research Seminar held in Selfoss, Iceland in May 2012.

24 November 2011

NSfKs 53rd Research Seminar held inBalingsholm, Sweden, in May 2011.

Themes of the Seminar: Criminal politics and right-wing populism and Prostitution.

02 November 2010
NSfKs 52ndResearch Seminar held in Hønefoss, Norway in May 2010. Themes of the Seminar: Economic Criminology Global Criminology.

05 September 2010
NSfKs 51st Research Seminar held in Gilleleje, Denmark in May 2009.
Themes of the Seminar: Life after prison Juvenile Delinquency Crime Control and Policy.

05 September 2010

NSfKs 50th Research Seminar held in Forssa, Finlandin May 2008.

Themes of the Seminar: Disorder in Urban Public Space Economic Crime, Organised Crime and Corruption.

05 September 2010

NSfKs 49th Research Seminar held in Djurönäset, Sweden in May 2007.

Themes of the Seminar: Economic Crime, Organised Crime and Corruption Violence.