08 November 2016
The Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology (NSfK) is pleased to announce the 60th Research Seminar. The seminar will be hosted in Helsinki, Finland from 14th to 16th of May 2018 (Hotel Rantapuisto).

30 August 2016
Attached you'll find report from NSfK's 27. Contact Seminar "Mobile populations from South-Eastern Europe in the Nordic countries: traffi...

27 June 2016
Criminality, incarceration and control in Nordic island societies (ø-samfund) are the themes of a working group aiming at describing how conflicts and crimes are met in the following four island societies: The Faroe Islands, The Åland Islands, Iceland and Greenland. Supported by Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology (NSfK) the working group held its first seminar in The Faroe Island from November 2. to November 6. 2015. The idea of the project was described like this:

“There are large differences between the four Nordic island societies in culture, and also on how they have achieved autonomy/independence and to what extent this is implemented. They have more characteristics in common than they have with the remaining Nordic countries: Small populations that live in secluded island societies, geographically isolated from other countries; rough living conditions and highly dependant on nature forces. In such small societies people are visible to each other, mutual dependent and daily life is subject to strong traditions. To various degrees they fight for autonomy and independence. All these characteristics may influence how these islands societies handle conflicts, how they perceive crimes, and how they work out their local policy on conflicts and crime."

Read the whole report:

01 June 2016
Attached you will find the annual report 2015 of NSfK.
09 December 2015
The Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology will convene its 58th research seminar in 2016. The seminar will take place in Iceland 1-4 May 2016.
Theme: New challenges in criminology; can old theories be used to explain or understand new crimes?

07 May 2015
Nordisk Samarbejdsråd for Kriminologi afholder det 58. forskerseminar i 2016. Seminaret vil foregå primo maj. Oplysninger om datoer samt sted for seminaret vil blive opdateret på denne hjemmeside senere.

27 February 2015
Nordisk Samarbejdsråd for Kriminologi præsenterer med glæde det 57. forskerseminar. Dette års seminar vil foregå i Stavern, Norge 4.-6. maj 2015. Vi byder alle interesserede forskere velkomne til at ansøge om deltagelse i seminaret.

27 February 2015
Possibilities for comparative and collaborative research on Nordic police reforms – plenary discussion

Cross-national qualitative research – overcoming the ethno-centric character of Nordic police research

27 February 2015
Drugs: What is the problem and how do we perceive it? Policies on drugs in Nordic Countries

Drugs problems have been seen first and foremost as a problem for control and punishment, then health and social welfare. Later on also care and harm reductions have been seen as relevant answers. These complex and contradictory policies have just partially been relevant answers to the problems.

21 February 2011

The project Domestic cannabis in Finland and Denmark presents its results in three articles to be published in the second half of 2011: Medical marijuana – exploring the concept in relation to small-scale cannabis growers in Denmark,With a little help from my friends – justifications of small-scale cannabis growers andSmall-scale cannabis growers in Denmark and Finland.

01 September 2010
On August 19, 2010, the main findings of a large NSfK project on public attitudes toward punishment were presented in Copenhagen during a Nordic criminology conference.