NSfK 60 Years 2022

The Nordic Research Council for Criminology (NSfK) was established in 1962 by the Ministries of Justice in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The purpose of the Council is to further criminological research in the member countries, advise the Nordic governments on issues related to criminology and communicate NSfK activities as well as Nordic criminology.

NSfK will celebrate it´s 60 years in 2022. At this page you can follow the information relating to the year of celebration. We will add more information and material here as the planning moves ahead. We here also take the opportunity to look back at the celebrations for NSfK 50 years.

Photo: Hotel Örk, Hveragerði, Iceland

NSfK Research Seminar 2022, May 9-12

Theme: Crime and Crisis in the North: Past, present and future

The Research Seminar 2022 will be acknowledging achievements as well as setbacks in Nordic criminology during 60 years.

More information about the research seminar.

Special Jubilee issue

The theme of the Special Jubilee issue NSfK 60 years of Nordisk Tidskrift for Kriminalvidenskab will be “Nordic criminology”, pointing to current Nordic criminology research and issues raised. The Call will turn to Nordic PhD criminologystudents, asking them to present their thesis in 7-8 pages, focusing on the rationale and how the thesis contributes to and/or is relevant for Nordic criminology.

Nordisk Tidskrift for Kriminalvidenskab, NSfK 60 years (open access)

NTfK Special Issue NSfK 60 years – Call for presentations

NSfK 60 years – which questions do future Nordic criminologists raise?


Higher max level for NSfK Research grants for joint Nordic projects: 2 000 000 NOK

Full text of the Call for NSfK Research grants Jubileeyear 2022, published on NSfK web.


NSfK Archives since 60 years at the National Archives of Norway (Norges Riksarkiv)

In 2021 the NSfK Secretariat will complete and update the existing material in the NSfK archive, located at the National Archives of Norway. We are currently looking into options to make as much as possible of the material available also digitally.

Though the focus will be to the future during the 60 years Jubilee year, NSfK will also celebrate past successes and point to historical setbacks and lessons learnt in Nordic criminology. For the 50 years’ celebration historic material was gathered and analyzed.

Meeting or seminar re Nordic education in Criminology

In 2020 four new study programs in criminology were introduced at Nordic universities. Click here to read more about these programs at NSfK web.

In the fall 2016, NSfK Council member Heidi Mörk Lomell arranged a contact seminar with the theme “Nordic Criminology Study Programs”, gathering participants from the Nordic universities offering study programs in criminology. The presentations from the Contact Seminar, including the program, list of participants and overview of the study programs are published at NSfK web. Please click here to reach the site.

This seminar was a huge success. As a lot has happened in the field of Nordic criminology during the past 5-6 years and the planning of a meeting or seminar re Nordic education in Criminology is underway. This event will be held towards the end of the JubileeYear.


Below we have compiled the publications and activities celebrating NSfK 50 years.

NSfK 50 years in 2012

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Report from the NSfK 54. Research Seminar. Theme: 50 Years Jubileumsseminar

The Research Seminar in 2012 was held in Selfoss, Iceland. The theme for the seminar was to give insight into some of the major criminological themes that NSfK had been active within during the past 50 years.


NSfK 50 years Special Issue Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention


Book: Nordic Criminology in Fifty Years
For the 50 years´ celebration NSfK published a book, consisting of five research papers that had been published in NSfK`s publications during the 50 years having passed since the start.


Evaluation report: Den nordiske kriminologiens potensial. En evaluering av NSfK
NSfK published a report, evaluating the organization´s operation and activities during the past decade (2002-2012). The evaluation was carried out by Dr. philos. Hildigunnur Ólafsdóttir.


Report from NSfK Council´s Working Group: Straf for Voldtægt (Oslo, 3 december 2012)
Council member Ragnheiður Bragadóttir organized the meeting.

A Special Call for Research Grants for post docs was held.


NSfK at 20 years and 30 years

We also gathered the publications issued for celebrating NSfK at 20 years and at 30 years. You reach this web page by clicking here.