Meeting Minutes

NSfK Council assembles for its ordinary meeting (rådsmöte) once year, usually beginning of March. Besides the ordinary meeting, the Council also convenes to a meeting (called “minirådsmöte”) in May. This meeting usually has a shorter agenda and is arranged in connection with the annual NSfK research seminar.

From 2020 onwards, the Council has also made several decisions per capsulam.

On this page, you find the minutes from the Council meetings held during the Swedish Chair, 2019 – 2021. You also find the protocols for the per capsulam decisions. The protocols are published in pdf file-format.

For Council meeting minutes from earlier years, please click here.


Protocol decision per capsulam reibursement for Editor of NTfK for work on extra issues 2022, Jubileeissue – NSfK 60 years

Protocol Decision per capsulam re Contactseminar on theme “Corruption and unethical conduct in the police forces”

Minutes from Minirådsmöte 19.05.2021

Minutes from NSfK Council Meeting 01.-02.03.2021

Protocol Decision per capsulam NSfK Annual Support 2021 for NTfK


Protocol Decision per capsulam NSfK Research Seminar 2021, 29.10.2020

Protocol Decision per capsulam Celebrating NSfK 60 years in 2022, 12.10.2020

Minutes from Minirådsmöte 05.05.2020

Protocol Decision per capsulam NSfK Research Seminars 2020-2022, 31.03.2020

Protocol Decision per capsulam re revision of projectbudget for awarded Researchgrant, 09.03.2020

Minutes from NSfK Council Meeting 02.-03.03.2020

Protocol Decision per capsulam inviting the Editor of NTfK to NSfK Research Seminars, 17.02.2020



Protocol Decision per capsulam additional financing for NSfK grant for Working Group,10.09.2019

Minutes from minirådsmöte 09.05.2019

Minutes from NSfK Council Meeting 03.-04.03.2019

Protocol Decision per capsulam redisposition of research grant awarded in 2017, 18.02.2019

In 2019 the Council also decided per capsulam on a major up-date of the The NSfK Guidelines for Research Grants. The Guidelines has since been revised in accordance with decisions made by the Council during spring 2020.