Meeting minutes

NSfK Council assembles for its ordinary meeting (rådsmöte) once year, normally in the beginning of March. Besides of the ordinary meeting, the Council usually also has an extraordinary meeting (“minirådsmöte”) in May with a shorter agenda, in connection with the annual NSfK research seminar.

On this page, we have compiled the Council meeting minutes from the past years.

Minutes from NSfK Council Meeting 3.-4.3.2019
Minutes from minirådsmöte 9.5.2019

Minutes from NSfK Council Meeting 5.-6.3.2018
Minutes from minirådsmöte 15.5.2018

Minutes from NSfK Council meeting 6.-7.3.2017
Minutes from minirådsmöte 10.5.2017

Minutes from NSfK Council meeting 7.-8.3.2016
Minutes from minirådsmöte 2.5.2016