Nordic Noir – a criminological critique

16 December 2021

In this short blogpost, Professors Keith Hayward (Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, Denmark) and Steve Hall (formerly of the University of Northumbria and the University of Teesside, UK)contextualise and reflect on their 2020 article ‘Through Scandinavia, darkly: a criminological critique of Nordic Noir’, which appeared in Volume 61 of the British Journal of Criminology.…

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Criminology in the time of populism

18 November 2021

By Jerzy Sarnecki, Senior professor of criminology Throughout my more than 45-year research career, I have strived for a simple (one might say positivistic) logic when it comes to the relationship between research and politics. We researchers provide politicians with facts. Based on this and other knowledge, politicians make the necessary decisions. In the vulgar attacks on…

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Drug policy in Iceland: A paradigm shift in sight?

04 November 2021

By Helgi Gunnlaugsson, Professor of Sociology, University of Iceland   I always enjoy participating in the annual European criminology conference. This year only held online. A pity not being able to socialize on site with the colleagues yet easy to wander between different sessions. This year I gave a talk in a working group on European…

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The public sense of justice in Scandinavia: A reply to a misinformed critique

04 October 2021

Leif Petter Olaussen criticizes the Scandinavian study of the general sense of justice, published in European Journal of Criminology (Olaussen 2021). He did so already ten years ago in Nordisk Tidsskrift for Kriminalvidenskab (Olaussen 2011 a, b).  We answered the critique in the same issue (Balvig et al. 2011) and also in European Journal of…

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Evaluating the Danish Youth Crime Board

21 September 2021

By Tine Fuglsang and Signe Bechmann Hansen In 2018, the Danish Parliament passed a political reform addressing serious youth crime. As part of the reform, the Youth Crime Board (Ungdomskriminalitetsnævnet) was established in 2019. The objective of the Youth Crime Board is to prevent youth crime, by appointing targeted individual preventive actions for young individuals…

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Blog on summer break

29 June 2021

This Blog is inactive during the summer (Midsummer-August 2021). We will be back with fresh posts in September.   Thank you all for contributing and reading! We wish you a really nice and relaxing summer, NSfK & NJC Photo: Aleksandr Eremin, Unsplash

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In memory of professor Thomas Mathiesen (1933-2021)

23 June 2021

Thomas Mathiesen (1933-2021) Getting an overview of and taking in the career of Thomas Mathiesen is a daunting experience for any scholar and any citizen with a basic sense of civic responsibility. He studied sociology at the University of Wisconsin 1953-55, defended his famous doctoral thesis The Defences of the Weak at the University of…

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Getting going: First-day prison ethnography in Iceland

01 June 2021

By Francis Pakes, Professor of criminology at the University of Portsmouth, UK. Let me start off with a little pro-tip: If you’re ever visiting an open prison in Iceland, try to arrive at lunchtime. Lunch is a big fixture in the daily routine. Staff and prisoners eat a hot meal together in a communal space,…

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Digital crime victimization in Iceland and the MeToo movement

18 May 2021

  Helgi Gunnlaugsson is Professor of Sociology at the University of Iceland. He received his BA in sociology from the University of Iceland and his MA and PhD from the University of Missouri. Gunnlaugsson´s main research interests include criminology, penal policy and the problem of drugs and alcohol in society. He was a Council member…

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