Nordic criminology publications and research articles, October 2020

Gålnander, Robin (2020). “Maintaining Desistance: Barriers and Expectations in Women’s Desistance from Crime”. PhD-thesis, Stockholms universitet: Kriminologiska institutionen.

Poppel, Mariekathrine (2020): ”Mænds vold mod kvinder i samliv”, Phd-thesis, Ilisimatusarfik /Grønlands Universitet, Sociologiska institutionen

Books and anthologies
Yakhlef, Sophia (2020): “Cross Border Police: Collaboration Building Communities of Practice in the Baltic Sea Area” Routledge.

Research articles
Ellonen, N., Danielsson, P., Tanskanen, M. A., Kaakinen, M. A. I., Suonpää, K. & Oksanen, A.: “Individual and community-level predictors of hate-crime victimization among Finnish adolescents” i Journal of youth studies.

Franzén, Alexandra (2020) “‘Men ÖB Bengt Gustafsson tog mig i hand och tackade.’ En jämförelse mellan Jan Guillous och Peter Bratts rättfärdiganden av IB-avslöjandet 1973 respektive 2017”Statsvetenskaplig tidskrift, Årgång 122, 3

Haller, M.B., Kolind, T., Hunt, G. & Søgaard, T.F. (2020) “Experiencing police violence and insults: narratives from ethnic minority men in Denmark” i Nordic Journal of Criminology, Vol 21, 2.

Johnson, Björn et al. (2020) “Alcohol drinking among adolescents with native-Swedish and non-European immigrant background: the importance of parental attitudes and peer attitudes for acculturation”. I tidskrift: Drugs: education prevention and policy.

Jämte, Jan and Ellefsen, Rune. (2020) “Countering extremism(s): Differences in local prevention of left-wing, right-wing and Islamist extremism” i Journal for Deradicalization, 24.

Komulainen, K., Gluschkoff, K., Velázquez, R. G., Airaksinen, J., Szmulewicz, A. & Jokela, M.: “Association of depressive symptoms with health care utilization in older adults: Longitudinal evidence from the Survey of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe.” i International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

Kronkvist, Karl et al.: “A winning BID?: The effects of a BID-inspired property owner collaboration on neighbourhood crime rates in Malmö, Sweden 2020” i Journal of Crime Prevention and Community Safety, Vol. 22, s. 134-152.

Magnusson, Mia-Maria (2020):  “Bridging the Gaps by Including the Police Officer Perspective?: A Study of the Design and Implementation of an RCT in Police Practice and the Impact of Pracademic Knowledge” i Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, Vol. 14, nr 2, s. 438-455 

Wallengren, Simon. (2020): “An insider looking in or an outsider wannabee?: Studying vulnerable hard-to-reach populations in the field of victimology – the example of the Roma communities in Sweden”International Review of Victimology.

Reports and other publications
Danielsson, P. & Näsi, M.: ”Suomalaiset väkivallan ja omaisuusrikosten kohteena 2019 – Kansallisen rikosuhritutkimuksen tuloksia”, Helsingfors universitet, institutet för kriminologi och rättspolitik, i publikationsserie Katsauksia; Vuosikerta 2020, nro 43.

Malin, T: ”Lapsiin kohdistuneiden seksuaalirikosten rangaistuskäytäntö”, Helsingfors universitet, institutet för kriminologi och rättspolitik, i publikationsserie Katsauksia; Vuosikerta 2020, nro 44.


Banner photo: Pixabay