NSfK Calendar spring 2021


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28th February Which questions do the future Nordic criminologists raise?

Call for Nordic PhD-students and researchers recently defended their thesis

DL submission of abstract for NTfK Special Jubilee Issue 2022– NSfK 60 years

Invitations for submission of article will be sent in March.


1st March Launching Nordic Criminology Blog

Join the conversation about Nordic Criminology!


1st – 2nd March Annual meeting of the NSfK Council

On the agenda ia the following issues: decisions on research grants 2021, next year´s Call for research grants, plans for NSfK 60 years in 2022, the research seminar on May 5th 2021 – and of course reporting 2020 and budget 2021.


Beginning of March NSfK Newsletter February 2021 is published

In case you missed it before – here you find the latest Newsletter published at NSfK web.

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10th March DL for Research Seminar participants – how would you like to share your research?

Message sent to the participants on February 25th.


15th March Are you the new Editor of Nordic Journal of Criminology?

Application DL for the position.


Mid-March release start of the Key Notes´ filmed presentations for NSfK Research Seminar 2021!

Welcome to get to know the Key Notes, presentations at NSfK web.


12th April DL for NSfK Research Seminar participants to submit their contributions for the seminar


5th May NSfK Research Seminar – Key Note´s Talk

We proudly introduce the Norwegian journalist Hilde Sandvik as the moderator for the Key Notes´ Talk. Hilde has a huge success with the podcast “Norsken, Svensken og Dansken”.


19th May NSfK Council meeting

The main issues on the agenda ia NJC, the new Editor of the journal, plans for OA and plans for NSfK 60 years 2022.


 21st May DL Applications for Travel Grants

Please note that for courses and conferences held digitally, NSfK also welcomes travel grant applications intended to cover participation fees.


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