NSfK Contact seminar in autumn 2021

The Council of NSfK has decided to arrange a contact seminar on theme ”Corruption and unethical conduct in the police forces” in the fall 2021. Protocol on this decision is published on NSfK web.

Organizer and initiative taker, Council member Heidi Mörk Lomell, will arrange this seminar. The issue is currently widely discussed in Norway after a verdict against a police officer on corruption. The national police authorities have expressed a wish for more research on this topic – especially Nordic research.

The plan is to arrange the seminar on-site in Oslo in October, restrictions allowing. If not, the seminar will be held as an hybrid or on-line seminar.

More information on this seminar will follow in the fall.

What is a NSfK contactseminar?

The NSfK contact seminars are an arena for Nordic researchers and practitioners in the field of criminology and criminal policy to meet in small, informal groups. The contact seminars serve as a cross-professional expertforum in various areas of common concern for the Nordic countries.
A short report from the seminar is published on NSfK´s web.

For an overview of previous NSfK contact seminars, please click here to reach NSfK web page on Contact seminars.

Photo in banner on this page: Pexels / Pixabay