Vacancies in the Nordics, criminology and related sciences

Below you find current vacancies of relevance for Nordic criminology and related sciences.

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Phot otaken from above of the interior of the Royal Library in Copenhagen
Photographer: Yadid Levy/


* Kontoret Forebyggelse og Medborgerskab i Styrelsen for International Rekruttering og Integration (SIRI):  One-year post.doc to project re honor-related conflicts in Denmark.

Application DL: August 2nd at 12.00 CET.


* Umeå University, Department of Sociology: University Lecturer in Criminology.
Application DL: August 9th.


* Helsinki University, Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy (KRIMO)

3 vacancies on register based criminological research: “Research on parental incarceration and offspring mental health, crime, and related factors using Nordic register data.

1-2 PhD students

Postdoctoral researcher

Application DL: August 15th.


* University of Stavanger, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Media and Social Sciences: Postdoctoral position in populism and sustainable development.
Application DL: August 15th.


* University of Oslo, Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law: Doctoral research fellow in the field of Digital Criminology
Application DL: August 15th.


* Stockholm University, Department of Criminology: Associate Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Criminology
Application DL: August 20th.