NSfK Archive – NSfK 20 years and 30 years

The Nordic Research Council for Criminology (NSfK) was established in 1962 by the Ministries of Justice in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The purpose of the Council is to further criminological research in the member countries and advise the Nordic governments on issues related to criminology.

NSfK will celebrate it´s 60 years in 2022. Click here to link to our web page with information relating to the year of celebration. At that page you will also find information about the celebrations for NSfK 50 years.

Below you find the publications issued for NSfK 20 years and NSfK 30 years.


1992 NSfK 30 years

Evaluation report: Tretti års virke (Cecilie Hojgård)

Follow up report: Nordisk fengelsforskning (Inger Marie Fridhov)


1982 NSfK 20 years

Nordisk Samarbeitsrad for Kriminologi 1962 – 1982