Archive – Research Seminar Reports

Below you find the reports from the NSfK research seminars 1997- 2019. The reports comprise of the papers presented at the seminar in question.

From 2019 onwards reports from the seminar will not be published in a report, but compiled at NSfKs web site. Some of the presentations will be published in one of the Nordic journals that NSfK supports: Nordic Journal of Criminology or Nordisk Tidsskrift for Kriminalvidenskab.

NSfK 61. Research Seminar 2019

Presentations from the seminar are published at NSfKs web: Crime, crime control and criminology in the digital area

NSfK 60. Research Seminar 2018

Power, Politics and Crime Control. Understanding the links between power, politics, criminalization and crime

NSfK 59. Research Seminar 2017

Migration and Criminology: Migration has become a central societal issue in all Nordic countries. How can contemporary Nordic criminology contribute to this discussion?

NSfK 58. Research Seminar 2016

New challenges in criminology; can old theories be used to explain or understand new crimes?

NSfK 57. Research Seminar 2015

Hvad er lov – hvad bør blive lov? Kriminalisering og regulering i de nordiske velfaerdssamfund

NSfK 56. Research Seminar 2014

Ungdom og kriminalitet

NSfK 55. Research Seminar 2013

Methodologies and methods in criminology.
Report, part 1
Report, part 2

NSfK 54. Research Seminar 2012

NSfK 50 years Jubilæumsseminar

NSfK 53. Research Seminar 2011

Kriminalpolitik og højrepopulisme. Prostitution. Aktuel forskning.

NSfK 52. Research Seminar 2010

Ekologisk og global kriminologi. Aktuel forskning.

NSfK 51. Research Seminar 2009

Efter lösladelse_Ungdomskriminalitet_Nordisk komparativ forskning

NSfK 50. Research Seminar 2008

Disorder in Urban Public Space: Resistance or Crime? Economic Crime, Organised Crime and Corruption

NSfK 49. Research Seminar 2007

Economic Crime, Organised Crime and Corruption – Violence

NSfK 48. Research Seminar 2006

Violence – Crime prevention

NSfK 47. Research Seminar 2005

Crime Prevention – Imprisonment

NSfK 46. Research Seminar 2004

Fängelseforskning – Imprisonment

NSfK 45. Research Seminar 2003

Crime and Crime Control in an Integrating Europe

NSfK 44. Research Seminar 2002

Perspektiv på våld

NSfK 43. Research Seminar 2001

Social Change and Crime in Scandinavian and Baltic region

NSfK 42. Research Seminar 2000

Kriminaliteten er ikke hva den engang var – om avvik i historisk lys

NSfK 41. Research Seminar 1999

Grönland – på vej mod et nyt straffesystem

NSfK 40. Research Seminar 1998

Organised Crime and Crime Prevention – What Works?

NSfK 39. Research Seminar 1997

Fängelser: Administration, behandling och evaluering