NSfK ResearchSeminar 2021 – Blogposts

Nordic criminologists who were to participate in this year´s researchseminar on-site share their research ia at Nordic Criminology Blog.

Supporting rape victims in criminal investigations


Lars Nørr Mikkelsen. Photo: Private.

Lars Nørr Mikkelsen

Analyst with the National Danish Police for the Center for Analysis and Development.

Tine Søberg. Photo: Henrik Brøndsted

Tine Søberg

Analyst and project worker with the National Danish Police for the Center for Crime Prevention.

Guiding theory into practice – Lessons learned from a translational criminologist in action


Portrait picture of PhD-student Aino Jauhiainen, Helsinki University. Aino has short, brown, curly hair and wear glasses. She is dressed in a black shirt and yellow cardigan.
Aino Jauhiainen. Photo: Joel Grandell

Aino Jauhiainen

PhD-student at Institute of Criminology and Legal policy, University of Helsinki