Travel grants

NSfK provides financial support for conference related travel and study trips abroad. Support is available only for researchers in the field of criminology, based in the Nordic countries. The activities which we support via our travel grants can include:

– participation in conferences in a foreign country
– participation in academic courses in a foreign university (available only for PhD students)
– research stay periods at a foreign university / other foreign research institute
– research trips (e.g. fieldwork abroad)

Please consult the NSfK Guidelines for Grants in order to learn more about the travel grants and the maximum amounts that can be applied for.

Deadlines for applications in 2019
Applications for travel grants are reviewed by the Chairperson of NSfK twice a year. In 2019 deadlines for submitting applications are May 15th and November 15th. Decisions on travel grants will be made on May 22nd and November 22nd.
Applications have to be submitted in the NSfK application portal, either in one of the Scandinavian languages or in English.

Travel grant reporting:

If you have received a travel grant from NSfK and completed the trip, please log in to the application portal (where you made the respective application for the grant) and find the corresponding reporting forms under “Write report” section. You should send us your report within a month from completing the trip, so that we can disburse the grant to your account.