NSfK Contact Seminar Reports

Below please find the reports and presentations from the most recent NSfK Contact Seminars. The information will be updated in spring 2019.


Nordic Criminology Study Programs (Oslo, 11.-12. December 2018)

The Contact Seminar was arranged by NSfK Council member Ms Heidi Mörk Lomell.
The presentations at the seminar are compiled in the Report from the Contact Seminar .


Exploitation of Undocumented Migrants (Helsinki 12.-13. April 2018)

The Contact Seminar was arranged by NSfK Council member Ms Natalia Ollus.

Elina Järvenpää, Pakolaisneuvonta:  The Creation of Undocumented Migrants

Ingrid Lüttichau, The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking:  Fast track Nigeria to Denmark – a new trend among trafficked Nigerians in Denmark

Pablo Coppari, Maynooth University, Ireland:  Making Ireland Home Addressing the exploitation of undocumented migrants as a barrier to building resilience in the labour market

Synnøve Bendixsen, University of Bergen: The “production” of irregular migrants and their vulnerabilities

Agustín Constante, Madrid police officer: The role of the police in enabling access to justice

Carmela Grillone, University of Palermo:Nigerian women and girls as victims of trafficking in Italy and Europe: migration, prosecution and protection challenges

Helena Willborg, Stockholms Stadsmission: Project Baba