NSfK Contact Seminars

The NSfK contact seminars are an arena for researchers and practitioners in the field of criminology and criminal policy to meet in small, informal groups. The contact seminars serve as a cross-professional expertforum in various areas of common concern for the Nordic countries.
The NSfK Council members arrange these contact seminars.

At this page you find the two latest contact seminars arranged. The contact seminars planned for 2020  have unfortunately been cancelled due to the pandemic.

For contact seminars arranged in the years 1997 – 2015, please click on this link.

For reports or presentations from the various contact seminars, please click on the names of the seminar in the list below.

Media and Crime Prevention

(by Zoom, December 17th 2020)
Council member Minna Piispa organized the Contact seminar.

Nordic Criminology Study Programs

(Oslo, Norway 11-12 December 2018)
Council member Heidi Mörk Lomell organized the Contact seminar.

Exploitation of Undocumented Migrants

(Helsinki, Finland 12-13 April 2018)
Council member Natalia Ollus organized the Contact seminar.