Evaluating the Danish Youth Crime Board

21 September 2021

By Tine Fuglsang and Signe Bechmann Hansen In 2018, the Danish Parliament passed a political reform addressing serious youth crime. As part of the reform, the Youth Crime Board (Ungdomskriminalitetsnævnet) was established in 2019. The objective of the Youth Crime Board is to prevent youth crime, by appointing targeted individual preventive actions for young individuals…

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Blog on summer break

29 June 2021

This Blog is inactive during the summer (Midsummer-August 2021). We will be back with fresh posts in September.   Thank you all for contributing and reading! We wish you a really nice and relaxing summer, NSfK & NJC Photo: Aleksandr Eremin, Unsplash

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In memory of professor Thomas Mathiesen (1933-2021)

23 June 2021

Thomas Mathiesen (1933-2021) Getting an overview of and taking in the career of Thomas Mathiesen is a daunting experience for any scholar and any citizen with a basic sense of civic responsibility. He studied sociology at the University of Wisconsin 1953-55, defended his famous doctoral thesis The Defences of the Weak at the University of…

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Getting going: First-day prison ethnography in Iceland

01 June 2021

By Francis Pakes, Professor of criminology at the University of Portsmouth, UK. Let me start off with a little pro-tip: If you’re ever visiting an open prison in Iceland, try to arrive at lunchtime. Lunch is a big fixture in the daily routine. Staff and prisoners eat a hot meal together in a communal space,…

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Digital crime victimization in Iceland and the MeToo movement

18 May 2021

  Helgi Gunnlaugsson is Professor of Sociology at the University of Iceland. He received his BA in sociology from the University of Iceland and his MA and PhD from the University of Missouri. Gunnlaugsson´s main research interests include criminology, penal policy and the problem of drugs and alcohol in society. He was a Council member…

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The emergence of radicalization policing in Nordic countries

11 May 2021

By Rune Ellefsen, postdoc, University of Oslo. The policing of radicalization has emerged as a new field of policy and policing in the Nordic countries during the last decade. It involves a fundamental shift in the societal response to individuals associated with radicalization or extremism. Policing of radicalization aims to identify at-risk individuals by seeking…

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Violence in close relationships—a hidden crime?

06 May 2021

Susanne Boethius is a researcher at the Department of Sociology at Lund University in Sweden and is currently working with the project “Call the Police? A study of social networks’ responses to domestic violence”, financed by FORTE. The research team also includes Margareta Hydén, Linköping University, Malin Åkerström, Lund University and Elisa Bellotti, Manchester University.…

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Guiding theory into practice – Lessons learned from a translational criminologist in action

27 April 2021

Aino Jauhiainen, PhD-student at Institute of Criminology & Legal Policy at the University of Helsinki. Jauhiainen is currently writing her doctoral thesis on the topic of victim-offender mediation and restorative justice. She completed her master’s degree in criminology in 2019. Evaluation research provides a unique possibility for sharing knowledge between researchers and practitioners of criminology.…

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Supporting rape victims in criminal investigations

22 April 2021

By Lars Nørr Mikkelsen Analyst with the National Danish Police for the Center for Analysis and Development. and Tine Søberg Analyst and project worker with the National Danish Police for the Center for Crime Prevention. As part of an extensive study on the experiences of crime victims in their encounter with the police, we learned…

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