Nordic Criminology Blog Submission Guidelines

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About the Blog

Our ambition is to publish high quality insights into Nordic Criminology. We encourage discussions on topics including – but not limited to – contemporary criminology, new empirical studies, criminal policy, crime prevention, and advances in criminological theory. By offering fresh and cutting-edge perspectives on criminology in the Nordic region, this blog may appeal to a broad audience of academics, practitioners, politicians, and the general public.

The Nordic Criminology Blog is a joint initiative of Nordic Journal of Criminology (NJC) and Nordic Research Council for Criminology (NSfK).

We are looking forward to your contribution!

Submission Guidelines

We have an open call for blog contributions. We encourage submissions from Nordic researchers, lecturers, PhD candidates, government officials, and practitioners. Your blog post could be a summary of a recent publication, a project description, a book review, a thematic post or a news update. Other kinds of contributions are also welcome.

We encourage contributions to be science based, rather than merely opinion-based. Furthermore, all contributions must comply with general publishing ethics (see, e.g., Scandinavian University Press’ information on publishing ethics).

The author has the responsibility for proof reading the article.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when writing your post:

  • Blog posts should be about 500 words in length. Don’t forget an eye-catching title!
  • Posts should be written in a concise and accessible way – it is, after all, a blog post. Please avoid difficult terminology, acronyms, and academic jargon when possible.
  • Posts should contain a short teaser which appeals to the reader. The teaser will be used on the front page of NSfK.
  • All posts should be written in English.
  • The use of graphs, charts, and other figures should be limited.
  • Photos are encouraged and should be of high quality. Please keep copyright regulations in mind and add the source/name of the photographer or if the picture is private. The picture will be published on the Blog and shared on NJC and NSfK social media channels for a non-specified time-period. In case of limitations to the above, please let us know.
  • Only a few of the most essential references should be included in the text if necessary, with the referenced surname and publication year in brackets. Please avoid footnotes and reference lists.
  • Posts should contain a brief author biography (maximum 50 words, including a recent photograph of yourself and contact information).
  • If you have one, please include a link to your profile page (e.g. on your employer’s website)

All submissions are sent to Susanne Boethius:

Editorial Policy

The blog contributions represent the view of the author(s), not the position of the Nordic Journal of Criminology nor the Nordic Research Council for Criminology (NSfK). Although the editorial team is committed to facilitate publications where possible, the team reserves the right to reject submissions that do not comply with the guidelines set out on this page or ethical guidelines.

The editorial team of the blog consists of the editor and editorial assistant of NJC, the chair of the NSfK council, and the NSfK Leader of the Secretariat.

Thank you for your interest in the Nordic Criminology Blog!