Guiding theory into practice – Lessons learned from a translational criminologist in action

27 April 2021

Aino Jauhiainen, PhD-student at Institute of Criminology & Legal Policy at the University of Helsinki. Jauhiainen is currently writing her doctoral thesis on the topic of victim-offender mediation and restorative justice. She completed her master’s degree in criminology in 2019. Evaluation research provides a unique possibility for sharing knowledge between researchers and practitioners of criminology.…

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Supporting rape victims in criminal investigations

22 April 2021

By Lars Nørr Mikkelsen Analyst with the National Danish Police for the Center for Analysis and Development. and Tine Søberg Analyst and project worker with the National Danish Police for the Center for Crime Prevention. As part of an extensive study on the experiences of crime victims in their encounter with the police, we learned…

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Reshaping Finnish Criminology

13 April 2021

By Janne Kivivuori, Professor of Criminology, University of Helsinki. Current Chair of the Finnish Society of Criminology. In 2019, a group of Finnish criminologists got together and created The Finnish Society of Criminology (FSC). The first years of the new society have been a success story. It energized the field with new enthusiasm, and a…

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On criminal convictions and immigrant background

30 March 2021

Criminal convictions and immigrant background – have differences increased or declined?   Felipe Estrada, Professor in criminology at Stockholm University and current chairman of the Nordic Research Council for Criminology. In the Nordic public debate changes in migration patterns are often linked to increases in crime and an alleged increase of the over representation in…

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A call for a Global Nordic Criminology!

18 March 2021

By Sveinung Sandberg, professor of Criminology at the University of Oslo. A call for a Global Nordic Criminology!   While globalization and cosmopolitanism were long on the rise in the Western world, the last decade has seen an increasing trend towards nationalism and ethnocentrism. The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced these tendencies, and created an atmosphere…

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Promoting Nordic Justice

11 March 2021

I am really honored and excited to contribute to this new blog and venue for discussing Nordic criminology. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to introduce a new project, which I hope will be of great relevance to the Nordic countries, to criminology, and to our discussions. Kjersti Lohne is a postdoctoral researcher…

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The Nordic Exceptionalism Thesis Revisited

04 March 2021

By John Pratt, professor of Criminology at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Thank you for inviting me to write this opening blog. It coincides with a chapter I was asked to write for a handbook on comparative criminology.1  This is my final contribution to the continuing debate that, to my never-ending astonishment, my 2008…

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Introducing the Nordic Criminology Blog

01 March 2021

“Do you have a blog?” By Editor of NJC, Anita Heber, Associate Professor at Department of Criminology, Stockholm University   About one year ago, Dr Kjersti Lohne at Oslo University asked us this question. At that time, we were busy editing the Nordic Journal of Criminology (NJC), and heading the Nordic Research Council for Criminology…

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New: Nordic Criminology Blog

26 February 2021

Our aim with the blog is to offer a platform for engaging with Nordic criminology and to encourage discussions on topics including – but not limited to – new empirical research, contemporary criminal policy, and advances in criminological theory. We are happy to launch a new Nordic Criminology Blog – and invite you to participate!  …

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