Research Seminars

The Nordic Research Council for Criminology arranges a researchseminar every year for Nordic researchers and practitioners in the fields of criminology and criminal policy. For selected participants the seminar is free of charge and NSfK also covers the costs for the international travels as well as for accommodation at the conference venue.

NSfK ResearchSeminar 2022

Crime and Crisis in the North: Past, present and future

9-12 May 2022

Venue: Hotel Örk, Hveragerði Iceland

Application DL: January 5th 2022

Photo: Hotel Örk, Hveragerði, Iceland

Call for papers:

The Nordic countries have been facing great challenges in the past decades. The refugee crisis in 2015, which involved thousands of individuals fleeing war and poverty and migrating to Europe, influenced public discourse in Europe, especially in the Nordic countries. Difficult conversations arose between a humanitarian response to the crisis and how it might impact the welfare system. Covid-19 had a massive impact on all our lives, we have been forced to work from home, shop online and isolate ourselves from others. Crises have also changed how criminal organizations operate, and new types of crime have emerged. When the global economy crashed in 2008, we started to view white collar crime in a different perspective. Iceland was, for example, praised for arresting and prosecuting their bankers, and other key-players in the financial collapse. However, recent years have shown that this response was more of an illusion and had little effect.

For the 60th anniversary NSfK research seminar, we invite papers that explore the effects of crises on crime in the Nordic countries in the past, present, and future, both from a criminological, criminal law and policy perspective. We invite papers on the following topics:

  • Covid-19 and crime: How has the pandemic affected crime rates in the Nordic countries?
  • Migration crisis and human smuggling
  • Economic crisis
  • The environmental crime crisis
  • Rise of populism
  • Energy crisis
  • Who identifies something as crisis and why?
  • Future crisis?

In addition to the general theme, presentations concerning other Nordic topics are also welcome. Therefore, the seminar is expected to include other research topics, and both Nordic researchers and practitioners are encouraged to participate and present their research.

The seminar interacts between plenary sessions related to the conference’s main theme as well as parallel sessions. The parallel sessions will be organized as individual presentations (one researcher/paper) followed by a discussion initiated by a designated chair.

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Please note that after the seminar, participants are requested to share their research and papers in form of a report on the seminar.

The report is due by June 10th 2022.

The four options for the reporting are:

*   Submit an article – based on the paper presented at the seminar – for publication in one of the Nordic journals NSfK supports:

Nordic Journal of Criminology, NJC 
Nordisk Tidskrift for Kriminalvidenskap

The submitted articles will be handled according to the journals´ ordinary review and publication processes. Those who choose this option will submit to the Secretariat information on the theme and an abstract of the article by the deadline for the reporting.

*  Submit a paper covering the presentation, written in Scandinavian languages or English, to be published in the electronic seminarreport, which will be published on

* Submit a blog post at the Nordic Criminology Blog (in co-operation with Nordic Journal of Criminology)

For submission guidelines, please see here:

* Make a short film on your presentation to be published on NSfK YouTube channel

M a x 7-8 minutes long – shorter films preferred.
Would you choose this format for sharing your research, you are most welcome to contact the Secretariat ahead of filming for further advice. We suggest you mention the NSfK ResearchSeminar in the film. We are happy to be of assistance for NSfK logos or texts re the seminar in your film.