NSfK Research Seminar 2021

The Nordic Research Council for Criminology arranges a research seminar every year for Nordic researchers and practitioners in the fields of criminology and criminal policy.

Digital material

The Keynotes – for their pre-filmed presentation, please see above.

Presentations by some of the Nordic researchers who had participated in the annual seminar are shared in the following channels:

Seven OA articles in Nordic Journal of Criminology, NJC Special Issue: Sexual Violence in a Nordic Context

Keynotes’ talk

Theme: “Sexual violence in the Nordic countries”

Moderator: Hilde Sandvik

Listen to Welcome by Hilde Sandvik:

The Keynotes’ Talk is based on the presentations published on NSfK YouTube channel. The talk will also be recorded and published on YouTube.

May-Len Skilbrei, professor, Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, Oslo University:
The continued existence of sexual violence as a gender equality paradox

Stina Holmberg, researcher, National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) and associate professor (docent) in criminology:
Consequences of the New Consent Law in Sweden

Hildur Fjóla Antonsdóttir, Postdoctoral Researcher, EDDA Research Center, University of Iceland:
Decentring Criminal Justice: A Plural Approach to Survivor-Centred Justice

Heini Kainulainen, Professor of Criminal Law & Daniela Alaattinoğlu, Senior Researcher, Faculty of Law, University of Turku:
From the Perpetrator’s Coercion to the Victim’s Lack of Consent? Lessons Learnt from the Finnish Sexual Crimes Legislative Review

Katrine Bindesbøl Holm Johansen: MSc and PhD, Special consultant at the organisation Lev Uden Vold, Denmark:
Debunking a Danish value narrative – a strategy to prevent sexual violence?

Winners of NJC Best Article Prize 2020:
Susanne Boethius, PhD, researcher and Malin Åkerström, professor, Department of Sociology, Lund University.

Link to the winning article OA: “Revealing hidden realities: Disclosing domestic abuse to informal others” published in Nordic Journal of Criminology, Volume 21, 2020 , pp 186-202.