Call for presentations to The Stockholm Criminology Symposium 2024

Photo: Björn Ohlin /
Photo: Björn Ohlin /

Each year in June, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) organize the Stockholm Criminology Symposium, which takes place in central Stockholm and usually features approximately 180 speakers who present their research and share their experiences in more than 60 sessions.

The event is organized in conjunction with the award ceremony of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology. The prize ceremony 2024 will honour the recipients, Professor Gary LaFree, University of Maryland, USA and Professor Tom R. Tyler, Yale University, USA.

2024 Stockholm Prize recipients Gary LaFree and Tom R. Tyler. Photos: LaFree: John Consoli/University of Maryland, and Tyler: Yale Law School

In line with the research interests of the prize recipients, the main symposium theme will be Trust and legitimacy in the work to combat crime. In 2024 we will also have a second theme, When children commit crime. As usual, there is also a general theme, Contemporary criminology, which covers a broad range of subjects in the area of criminology.

You are welcome to submit abstracts for presentations by 29 February 2024.

More information about the Symposium and the call for presentations (link)