How to enhance support for victims of sexual assaults in criminal investigations?

One of the questions raised in presentations for the NSfK ResearchSeminar 2021 on Sexual violence in the Nordic countries.

Sarah van Mastrigt, Associate professor at Aarhus University outlines findings from a randomized experiment designed to test the effects of a brief e-learning intervention targeted at Danish police recruits. The study shows that compared to controls, the e-learning group demonstrated better knowledge about rape, more nuanced credibility judgments and decreased acceptance of rape myths.

Click here to follow the short videopresentation by Sarah van Mastrigt at NSfK YouTube channel.

In the blogpost “Supporting rape victims in criminal investigations” Lars Nørr Mikkelsen,  Analyst with the National Danish Police for the Center for Analysis and Development Tine Søberg, Analyst and project worker with the National Danish Police for the Center for Crime Prevention present a Danish study that sheds light on the experiences of rape victims in encounters with the police. The findings suggest that victims can be supported by increasing their sense of security during the investigation.
Read the the blogpost at Nordic Criminology Blog, published at NSfK website, with further links to the full report.