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Nordic projects in the ECPA contest

The European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA) is a contest that rewards the best European crime prevention project.

From the Nordic EU-memberstates a Finnish and a Swedish project will participate. Read more about the national winning projects on this page. You reach the national presentations of the projects (in Swedish) by clicking on the headlines.

Finland: Family camps for prisoners in the “Ehjä perhe” – project

The family camps are aiming inter alia to support families in breaking free from organized crime, gangs and intoxicants, as well as to provide tools for ending a crime culture inherited from one generation to another and reducing recidivism.

Importance is given to strengthening the interaction between a family member in prison and the rest of the family and to strengthen parenting skills and the parental role. The project is also using systematic methods to help participants to break free from crimes.

Sweden: Insats TICKAN and project Otillåten påverkan in Angered

Coordinated efforts against criminal family-based network in Gothenburg is Sweden´s nominee this year for the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA).

Operation TICKAN and project Illegal impact in Angered is this year’s winner in the Swedish crime prevention competition for the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA). Initiators are the local policearea Greater Gothenburg northeast and the Municipal District Administration in Angered. A large number of community actors have worked together to counter a criminal family-based network in the area. The project has ia increased trust in the police and overall security in the area.

Congratulations to the winning projects and Good luck in ECPA!

In 2019 the “Sofielund Approach” , Sweden, won the ECPA award.

Danish national award for best crime prevention project

Denmark is not participating in the ECPA contest this year.
However, the national Danish Crime Prevention Council organizes each year a national competition for best crime prevention project. The competition is called “Den Kriminalpræventive Pris”.

Click here to read more about this year´s winner, ‘Who conducts the orchestra’ in the Vejle municipality. The project is lead by Helle Midskov Brynaa and so far 500 professionals have received training in methods and tools to keep children and young people out of criminality.

In the project teachers, educators and staff at youth clubs are trained in detecting and preventing dissatisfaction, absence and crime. Special focus is directed towards pupils and students who are at risk of opting out of school and ending up in abuse and a criminal career. The goal is to give children and young people ‘a good life’ and support them to become more resilient towards life’s challenges ahead.

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