NSfK New name in English

New name: Nordic Research Council for Criminology

NSfKs name in Swedish/Scandinavian has been Nordiska Samarbetsrådet för Kriminologi. Previously this has translated to Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology in English.

In order to better show the contributing member countries as well as the scope of the organization, the Council decided at it´s annual meeting March 2-3 2020 to change the English name of the organization to Nordic Research Council for Criminology.

In addition to the considerations above, the new name is also more in line with the Swedish/Scandinavian name.

NSfK`s Journal, Nordic Journal of Criminology, also made a similar change of name last year. Click here to read the editorial “What´s in a name” by Anita Heber, NJC (Vol 19, 2018 issue 2).