NSfK Research grants awarded in 2021

This year a co-Nordic project, three individual research projects and two Nordic working groups were awarded a total of almost SEK 3 million.

Co-Nordic project

Project leader Markus Kaakinen, post doc (FIN), Nordic researchteam Ph.D. Moeller Kim, PhD (SE and DK), Klement Christian Assistant (DK), Westfelt Lars, PhD (SE), Rostami Amir PhD (SE), Valdimarsdót Margrét, PhD (IS); Lomell Heidi, professor (NO) was granted 1 400 000 SEK support for project “Street Gang Involvement Among Nordic Youth: A comparative study on prevalence and risk factors in Nordic countries”

Individual projects

Polina Smiragina-Ingelström, post doc (SE) was granted 500 000 SEK support for project “Negotiating care, post-trafficking needs and gender in understanding help-seeking behaviour of trafficked victims: a case study of Finland and Sweden”

Kivanc Atak, post doc (SE) was granted 405 000 SEK support for project “Local community frames and influence on policing in socially disadvantaged neighborhoods in Stockholm”

Tobias Kammersgaard, post doc (DK) was granted 493 190 SEK support for project “From Punishment to Help? An Analysis of Contemporary Drug Decriminalization Reforms”

Nordic working Groups

Working group led by Gertrud Hafstad, PhD, researcher (NO) was granted 100 000 SEK support for project “Child abuse and neglect research in the Nordic Countries (CHANCE)”

Anette Storgaard, professor (DK) was granted 44 000 SEK for “Meeting for members of the editorial board of Nordisk Tidsskrift for Kriminalvidenskab “.

Click here to read the abstracts of the funded researchprojects 2021.