NTfK is online!

Front page of journal NTfK. Theme: Frihedsberovelse og frihedsberovedeFrom 2021 the journal Nordisk Tidsskrift for Kriminalvidenskab (NTfK) is published online only and is immediate Open Access.

This first online issue is a Special Issue on

Frihedsberøvelse og frihedsberøvede

with 14 articles and 3 essays – all contributions by Nordic researchers.

Click here to read the issue at the platform tidsskrift.dk. 

This platform is administered by the Kongelige Bibliotek in Denmark.

In 2022, celebrating NSfK 60 Years, a Special issue of the journal will be published both online and as a paper issue.

The NSfK Jubilee Year Special issue of NTfK is dedicated to research by talented Nordic doctoral students (PhD students).