Vacancies in the Nordics, criminology and related sciences

Here we compile current vacancies of relevance for Nordic criminology and related areas.

We hope this will be of help for you. You reach the announcements and further information on the positions by clicking on the name of the vacancies in the list below.

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Phot taken from above of the interior of the Royal Library in Copenhagen
Photographer: Yadid Levy/


Stockholm University, Research Coordinator at the Stockholm Centre for the Rights of the Child
Application DL: 13 July 2020

Politihøgskolens forskningsavdeling, Oslo: Department Leader at the Department of Research
Application DL: 9 August 2020

University of Bergen: PhD-student position at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The position is connected to the interdisciplinary research unit International Migration and Ethnic Relations and is open for applicants with background from different disciplines within social sciences.
Application DL: 9 August 2020

Linnaeus University (link to list of all vacancies at the university):  PhD-student position at the Department of Social Sciences,in co-operation with the Centre for Police Research and Development / Police Education at the university.
Application DL: 24 August 2020

Linnaeus University (link to list of all vacancies at the university): Three (3) PhD-student positions at the Department of Social Sciences
Application DL: 24 August 2020

Oslo University: Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography.
Application DL: September 1st 2020

Copenhagen University: 3-year Postdoc Position on ERC Project on Siblings’ Intergenerational Social Class Mobility at the Department of Sociology.
Application DL: September 1st 2020.