NJC – Nordic Journal of Criminology

New name for the Journal – Nordic Journal of Criminology

The Nordic Journal of Criminology (previously Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention, JSSCCP) is an international, peer reviewed journal publishing original research articles in the field of criminology and crime prevention. The journal provides a forum for criminological research across a wide range of perspectives and methodologies. Priority is given to research with Nordic relevance.

The journal is published under the auspices of NSfK, together with the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Crime Prevention Councils and the Finnish National Research Institute of Legal Policy. Its publisher is Taylor & Francis and it is edited by Associate Professor Anita Heber from Stockholm University (anita.beber[at]criminology.su.se).

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STOCKHOLM 20171215 Pressbilder till Kriminologiska institutionen pΠStockholms Universitet. Photo: Vilhelm Stokstad / Kontinent