New blog post: Digital crime victimization in Iceland and the MeToo movement

18 May 2021

Helgi Gunnlaugsson, professor of Sociology at the University of Iceland blogs on how the MeToo movement appears to have affected reporting of digital crime victimization. Helgi Gunnlaugsson received his BA in sociology from the University of Iceland and his MA and PhD from the University of Missouri. Gunnlaugsson´s main research interests include criminology, penal policy…

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Sexual assaults and abuse of children and young people

14 May 2021

For this year´s NSfK Researchseminar on theme “Sexual violence in the Nordic countries”, researchers contributed with their studies. At this page compiled the contributions pertaining to various perspectives on sexual assaults and abuse of children and young people. Abstracts published at NSfK web Typologies of sexual assaults among young people: A latent class analysis approach…

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KeyNote Katrine B.H. Johansen on discrepancy values and experiences

28 April 2021

Follow KeyNote Katrine Bindesbøl Holm Johansen, MSc and PhD*, Special consultant at the organisation Lev Uden Vold, Denmark presentation at NSfK YouTube channel: Debunking a Danish value narrative – a strategy to prevent sexual violence?   The past decades Denmark has continued to have national prevalence studies that shows sexual violence to be both a…

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How to enhance support for victims of sexual assaults in criminal investigations?

26 April 2021

One of the questions raised in presentations for the NSfK ResearchSeminar 2021 on Sexual violence in the Nordic countries. Sarah van Mastrigt, Associate professor at Aarhus University outlines findings from a randomized experiment designed to test the effects of a brief e-learning intervention targeted at Danish police recruits. The study shows that compared to controls,…

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NJC Special Issue Sexual Violence in a Nordic Context is online!

22 April 2021

Seven articles on Sexual violence in a Nordic context – and all of them Open/Free Access. Capricious credibility – legal assessments of voluntariness in Swedish negligent rape judgements Lisa Wallin et al. analysing the new Swedish rape legislation. The authors show how legal decisions regarding ‘negligent rape’ are influenced by rape myths drawing on stereotypes about…

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Reshaping Finnish Criminology – new blog post

13 April 2021

New blog post  Janne Kivivuori, Professor of Criminology, University of Helsinki describes the process of reshaping Finnish criminology, and how establishing the Finnish Society of Criminology has energized the field. Janne Kivivuori is the current Chair of the Finnish Society of Criminology.

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Key note May-Len Skilbrei on sexual violence as a gender equality paradox

12 April 2021

May-Len Skilbrei, professor, Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, Oslo University key note on The continued existence of sexual violence as a gender equality paradox for the NSfK research seminar 2021 is published on YouTube.   During week 15, key note by Stina Holmberg, researcher at the National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) in Stockholm and associate…

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NSfK Seminar on Media and Crime Prevention

08 April 2021

Media and Crime Prevention was the theme for the contact seminar arranged by Finnish NSfK Council member Minna Piispa in December 2020. Some 40 Nordic researchers, policy makers and representatives from press and crime prevention councils and organizations attended the digital seminar. Summaries of the key notes´ presentations  Ester Pollack, Professor, Stockholm University: Crime Journalism and Crime…

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NTfK is online!

30 March 2021

From 2021 the journal Nordisk Tidsskrift for Kriminalvidenskab (NTfK) is published online only and is immediate Open Access. This first online issue is a Special Issue on Frihedsberøvelse og frihedsberøvede with 14 articles and 3 essays – all contributions by Nordic researchers. Click here to read the issue at the platform  This platform is…

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