New NSfK Contact Secretary for Iceland

11 March 2021

NSfK welcomes new Icelandic Contact Secretary, Jónas Orri Jónasson! Jónas Orri graduated with a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Iceland in 2013. He has been working as a crime analyst at the Reykjavik Metropolitan police since. His research focus has been on trust and legitimacy in the police, crime statistics and homicide…

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NSfK Research grants awarded in 2021

10 March 2021

This year a co-Nordic project, three individual research projects and two Nordic working groups were awarded a total of almost SEK 3 million. Co-Nordic project Project leader Markus Kaakinen, post doc (FIN), Nordic researchteam Ph.D. Moeller Kim, PhD (SE and DK), Klement Christian Assistant (DK), Westfelt Lars, PhD (SE), Rostami Amir PhD (SE), Valdimarsdót Margrét,…

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Stipend_Ulla V Bondesons stiftelse for retssociologisk og kriminologisk forskning

10 March 2021

Ulla V Bondesons stiftelse for retssociologisk og kriminologisk forskning UDDELING AF STIPENDIER I 2021   Fondet er stiftet af professor Ulla V Bondeson, og det har som sit hovedformål at fremme retssociologisk og kriminologisk forskning i Norden, herunder især forskning ved universiteterne i Stockholm, Lund og København. Første prioritet gives til behandlingsforskning, dvs. studier af…

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Introducing the Nordic Criminology Blog

01 March 2021

“Do you have a blog?” By Editor of NJC, Anita Heber, Associate Professor at Department of Criminology, Stockholm University   About one year ago, Dr Kjersti Lohne at Oslo University asked us this question. At that time, we were busy editing the Nordic Journal of Criminology (NJC), and heading the Nordic Research Council for Criminology…

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NSfK Calendar spring 2021

26 February 2021

  Don´t miss out on the NSfK calendar of events, calls and DLs!   28th February Which questions do the future Nordic criminologists raise? Call for Nordic PhD-students and researchers recently defended their thesis DL submission of abstract for NTfK Special Jubilee Issue 2022– NSfK 60 years Invitations for submission of article will be sent…

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New: Nordic Criminology Blog

25 February 2021

  Our aim with the blog is to offer a platform for engaging with Nordic criminology and to encourage discussions on topics including – but not limited to – new empirical research, contemporary criminal policy, and advances in criminological theory. We are happy to launch a new Nordic Criminology Blog – and invite you to participate!…

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Interview: Winners of NJC Best Article Prize 2020

19 February 2021

Susanne Boethius, PhD, researcher and Malin Åkerström, professor, Department of Sociology, Lund University are the authors of the award winning article “Revealing hidden realities: Disclosing domestic abuse to informal others” published (OA) in Nordic Journal of Criminology, Volume 21, 2020 , pp 186-202. Congratulations! How does it feel to win this award? Thank you very…

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NSfK Newsletter January 2021

18 February 2021

Välkommen till Nordisk Kriminologi 113 (1) 2021 (januari)   Innehåll i detta nyhetsbrev 1. Nyheter från NSfKs sekretariat & nordiska nyheter i urval 2. Artiklar och publikationer, nordiska forskare 3. Nordiska regeringar, ministerier och Landsstyret (Färöarna) 4. Nordiska myndigheter och /eller statliga forsknings- och utredningsinstitutioner 5. Universitet och högskolor i Norden 6. Övriga nyheter De nationella bidragen till nyhetsbrevet sammanställs av…

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Vacancy: Editor of NJC

06 February 2021

Announcement  Editor – Nordic Journal of Criminology (NJC)   Current Editor-in-Chief of the Nordic Journal of Criminology (NJC), Anita Heber, will step down from this position after ending a succesful three-year term in December this year. We are seeking a new Editor-in-Chief for the next three-year term 1.1.2022-31.12.2024. The current Editor will introduce the journal…

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NTfK Special Issue NSfK 60 years – Call for Presentations

03 February 2021

For the Call in English, please see below.   NORDISK TIDSSKRIFT FOR KRIMINALVIDENSKAB   Nordisk Samarbejdsråd for Kriminologi – 60 år i 2022 NSfK markerer 60 års jubilæum med særnummer af Nordisk Tidsskrift for Kriminalvidenskab Invitation til at bidrage I forbindelse med NSfK’s 60 års jubilæum i 2022 udgives et særnummer af Nordisk Tidsskrift for…

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