The nominees for NJC Best Article Prize 2020

Allow us to introduce the nominees for the NJC Best Article Prize 2020!

All articles are Free Access or Open Access.
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Old-fashioned penal exceptionalism: the case of Iceland’s open prisons” by Francis Pakes

Experiencing police violence and insults: narratives from ethnic minority men in Denmark” by Birk Haller, Torsten Kolind and colleagues

Revealing hidden realities: disclosing domestic abuse to informal others” by Boethius & Åkerström

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Photo: Per Kristian Lie Løwe – Konsis grafisk AS

2019 Winner Best Article Synøve Nygaard Andersen

Partners in crime? Post-release recidivism among solo and co-offenders in Norway

Photo: Vilhelm Stokstad/Stockholms Universitet

2018 Winner Best Article Klara Hermansson:

The role of symbolic politics in exceptional crime policy debate: a study of the 2014 Swedish general election