Research grants

NSfK provides research grants to projects of Nordic criminological relevance. NSfK Council awards individual research grants, grants for joint Nordic research projects and grants for working group meetings. The grant application period for the following year usually opens in October-November. Decisions regarding granted projects are made every year in the annual meeting of the NSfK Council, taking place in early March.

The member states of NSfK are Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The research which the grant is meant for must be carried out in one or more of the member countries. The researchers applying for NSfK research grants must be based in one of the Nordic countries, in order to be eligible for funding.

All the research grant applications have to be submitted in English in the NSfK grant application portal.

The Guidelines for NSfK Grants (revised October 2019) should be read carefully before applying. If you have further questions regarding our funding, please contact the NSfK Secretariat.

Application period for 2021 is October 268th – November 27th 2020.
The application period ends Friday November 27th at 15.00 CET.

One of the options for the financial administration of NSfK´s Research grants has been that the researcher administers the grant her-/himself. This option has been subject to a number of requirements for financial control and revision.
Please note that this option might not be possible during the application period 2020.
In Sweden, host country for NSfK, research grants are as a rule administered through the researcher’s working place. However, the NSfK Secretariat continues working to find a solution enabling the option of the researcher administering the grant her-/himself also for the grant period 2020.

Information on the outcome of the further efforts to solve the situation will be found in NSfK’s communication channels.
You are also welcome to contact the NSfK´s Secretariat for more information:
Leader of Secretariat, Carina Johansson email: carina.johansson[at]
Mobile phone + 46 (0) 72 085 23 53.

Research grant reporting
If you have received a research grant from NSfK and completed the project, please log in to the application portal (where you made the respective application for the grant) and find the corresponding reporting forms under “Write report” section. You should send us your report within three months from the end of the NSfK funded project.

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