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Call for NSfK Research Grants 2023

NSfK provides grants to projects of relevance to Nordic criminology, crime policy and crime prevention. The project(s) must be carried out in one or more of the member countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

In this call it is possible to apply for funding for the following project activities:

  • Research projects
  • Working groups
  • Contact seminars

Research projects

Applicants for individual projects can apply for up to 600 000 NOK.

Applicants for joint Nordic projects can apply for up to 1 500 000 NOK. A joint Nordic project must include a Nordic advisory board and/or contact persons from all the Nordic countries. If the joint Nordic project proposal includes data collection in more than two Nordic countries, this will be regarded favourably in the decision process.

NSfK encourages early career researchers to apply for research grants, furthermore that early career researchers are included in the application.

The applicant must provide an overview of relevant Nordic research (if any) and researchers within their proposed research area.

Working groups and contact seminars

NSfK provides financial support for up to 100 000 NOK for working group meetings and contact seminars with joint Nordic perspectives.

The working group meetings are intended for Nordic researchers planning or initiating research cooperation.

Contact seminars gather researchers, policy makers and practitioners from the Nordic countries. Contact seminars serve as a cross-professional expert forum in various areas of common concern for Nordic crime and crime prevention policy.

The working groups and contact seminars must involve participants from at least three of the Nordic countries.

Applications for seminars and meetings that involve researchers/policy makers/practitioners from more than three Nordic countries will be considered favourably. The Council might suggest researchers from additional Nordic countries to be included in working groups or contact seminars.

Guidelines, evaluation and timetable

Research grant applications must be submitted in English. Applicants are requested to read the “Guidelines for Financial Support from the Nordic Research Council for Criminology” before applying. Applications which do not comply with formal requirements will not be processed.

The call for NSfK research grants 2023 will open on Wednesday October 12th, the application period being 12.10.2022–07.12.2022.

The application period ends at 14.00 CET on Wednesday December 7th.

All grant applications have to be submitted in an electronic application portal. You can register yourself as an applicant and access the portal (link) 

The Council of NSfK decides which projects will be awarded grants at its annual meeting in March 2023.

If you have inquiries or questions regarding the NSfK Research Grant Call 2023, please contact the NSfK Secretariat.

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