Exploitation of Undocumented Migrants NSfK Contact Seminar

Exploitation of Undocumented Migrants (Helsinki 12.-13. April 2018)

The Contact Seminar was arranged by NSfK Council member Ms Natalia Ollus.


Elina Järvenpää, Pakolaisneuvonta:  The Creation of Undocumented Migrants

Ingrid Lüttichau, The Danish Centre against Human Trafficking:  Fast track Nigeria to Denmark – a new trend among trafficked Nigerians in Denmark

Pablo Coppari, Maynooth University, Ireland:  Making Ireland Home Addressing the exploitation of undocumented migrants as a barrier to building resilience in the labour market

Synnøve Bendixsen, University of Bergen: The “production” of irregular migrants and their vulnerabilities

Agustín Constante, Madrid police officer: The role of the police in enabling access to justice

Carmela Grillone, University of Palermo:Nigerian women and girls as victims of trafficking in Italy and Europe: migration, prosecution and protection challenges

Helena Willborg, Stockholms Stadsmission: Project Baba