Misuse of Migrant Labour – Seminar Presentations

Participants and name of presentation

Samuel Engblom, Labour Law, Trade Unions and Irregular Migrant Workers

Peo Hansen, More Barbwire or More Immigration, or Both? EU Migration Policy in the Nexus of Security and Neoliberal Economic Growth

Ditte Jørgensen and Bo Rosschou,The misuse of migrant workers in the construction and building industry in Denmark/Copenhagen

Zbigniew Lasocik, Migrants in Poland. Context and reality

Anna Markina, Labour migration to/from Estonia: indicators and trends

Anne-Mette Odegard, The misuse of migrant workers in the construction sector in Norway

Helga Ólafsdóttir, Polish immigrants and the Icelandic media

Natalie Ollus and Minna Viuhko, Exploitation of migrant labour in Finland: indicators of trafficking

Riku Rajamäki, Inspection of employers using foreign labour in Southern Finland

Unnur Sverrisdóttir held a presentation on theme “Rise and fall of foreign labour in Iceland”, no link from this page.